About Me

Hey! It’s me!

A strong supporter and enthusiast of Free and Open Source Softwares with 7+ years of involvement and contribution to various Open Source Communities. Currently handling the role of Country Lead and Representative (Volunteer Based) of Mozilla for Nepal. I am also an advocate of Open Web and Online Privacy.

I specialize in Linux Networking and System Administration and currently am working as Chief Technology Officer at Libresoft IT Solutions. I like to experiment with various Linux systems and am also experienced in customizing them according to need. Moderately skilled in Graphic Designings too. Now working on contributing my experience, skills and expertise to provide Enterprise level support and solutions in Nepal using various Open Source Technologies.

I love playing with devices like Pi, Odroid and other low powered SBC’s that can run any type of Linux on it (preferred Debian).

Favourite Distro: Debian (testing)
Favourite DE: KDE Plasma 5
Favourite Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Favourite Editor: Vim
Favourite Laptop: Thinkpads
Favourite Mobile OS: Resurrection Remix
Favourite Linux Command: rm -rf –no-preserve-root /

Disclaimer: The stuffs written in my blogs will be of my own views, you are free to agree/disagree with it. I take no responsibilities on whatever you do with the informations from this site, including my favourite Linux Command.

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