Mozilla Nepal - Meetup V & Fifth Anniversary

Short Report on Mozilla Nepal's Fifth Meetup and Anniversary

  • 26th August, 2017 marks the Fifth Anniversary of Mozilla Nepal Community. *

To mark this day, the Nepalese community organized a much required Community Meetup for restructuring and reorganizing community as well as community activities. More details of the objectives for this event can be found here:

Total number of attendees: 24 with 17 full day and 6-7 on-and-off attendees. The attendees of meetup were selected on the basis of their long-term involvement with the community as well as recent invovlement in past 1 year in our various small, big, events. They were pre-informed about the main agendas and goal about the meetup. Also, most of the attendees knew each other informally through various past events, so it was easier to get together and work as a team without requirement of ice-breaking sessions.


So, as planned, 4 main teams were formed with one or two leaders per team. Each team branstormed and planned for the betterment of the community and made plans for next 6 months, also discussed on how to achieve those plans. The teams with their members and leads, as well as plans are described below.

1. Localization Team

Lead: Rabi Raj Khadka
The main task of this team is to carry on smooth localization of various Mozilla products with Highest priority to Firefox Beta which has been frozen right now because it is not in sync with the release cycles. This team will also help in migrating and help existing localizers from Pootle to Pontoon. Various plans made by this team are to conduct online localization sprint twice a month, and one offline sprint once every two months. The styleguide, which is not incomplete, will be updated by this team.

2. Campus Team

Lead: Roshan Gautam
Since most of the attendees were still students in ther bachelors, this team had the most focus and most team members. This team will work together with all other teams and try on forming Campus Clubs and providing orientation to them in as many colleges as possible, with at least 2 each month for next 6 months. Since, the lead of this team is Roshan Gautam, who is also a Regional Ambassador from Mozilla, this team will benefit a lot with his expertise. Campus Team by working together witl MozActive Team can organize lots of short and interesting activities in the Colleges. Also, we have decided that if there is already a pre-existing IT Club or Open Source Club in the colleges, the Mozilla Campus Club can work with that team without working as a separate club to organize various Tech related activities.

3. MozActivate Team

Lead: Sujit Maharjan
This team will follow various MozActivate related activities and organize it with the Campus Team in respective colleges. This team will also work on organizing events outside the colleges for general public if it gets more focus and interest. We think MozActivate is one of the best way to get people involved in the community with all these short and interesting but helpful events both inside-and-outside colleges.

4. Community Engagement Team

Lead: Avash Mulmi, Surit Aryal.
This team was formed with the current Reps and some contributors since the beginning of the community days. The main objective of this team is to facilitate various community activities, and to provide required resources and plannings for all other teams. This team plans to do regular follow-up to the other teams and ask for progress in their plannings and also provide help if required. A mid-term meetup will be held on December calling all the teams to brief on their activities in the past 3 months and to discuss on how effective has it been. This team is also responsible for organizing events outside the colleges and brainstorming new plans to keep more members active in the community.

5. Documentation Team

All the attendees collectively agreed on having the Documentations to be done via personal bloggings or social media updates, and someone from the community will aggregate all the personal blog links in the event report wiki page or blog post. It seemed to be better than having a one or two people to do documentation of each and every events and activities.


Apart from forming these teams and making plans, the past events and activities were also discussed. We discussed on how our events used to be and what could be made better in those events. Most of the attendees voted for a hands-on events every few months and branstorming events can be done anywhere when a few of us meet and report to the engagement team. Also, it seemed that a formal meetup needs to be organized at least twice a year rather than our current trend of once a year. We also had a short online talk from our past L10n Lead, Nootan Ghimire, addressing the L10n Team. He informed the team about the task that has been completed till now and from where they can start.

Overall this event was quite productive. The activity of the community has been increase quite a lot right now specially in Campus and Localization area. By the time of writing this report, two weeks after the event, the Campus Team has already orientation in two colleges, and Localization team has completed Firefox for iOS and working on Firefox Beta right now. The Campus Team has also been invited in one of the college for a MozActivate event or some other hands-on session. We havent decided on which one right now.


We would like to thank Real Time Solutions for providing us with a really good venue, internet and projectors. It has helped in logistic management a lot compared to our previous events.

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